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Diaper for Baby

Diaper for Baby

Product Details:

Product Name Baby  diaper


Top film

Embossed or not embossed;

Soft topsheet and ordinary topsheet;

Perforated topsheet or non-perforated topsheet;



Non-woven breathable film;

Or PE breathable film;

Water absorption

Core The weight of SAP (superabsorbent polymer) and fluff pulp can be changed;


There are 3 types of absorbent cores:

1. Absorbent core: SAP mixed with Fluuff pulp

2. Absorbent paper: make the diaper thinner and evenly absorbed

ADL With or without ADL depends on you.

Available colors for ADL: white, blue, green


Front tape

Soft fleece front tape

Braided front tape

Non-woven front tape

PE front tape

Side belt Magic tape, PP tape
Packing  Custom
Product specification sheet




  baby weight


Specification (mm)


Piece Weight ± 0.5(g)



3-6kg 400*320 17 4
M 4-9kg 440*320 20 5
L 7-18kg 480*320 24 6
XL 11-25kg 530*320 26 7

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